Bar Stools

Bar Stools: Pros and Cons

Many of us are finding that we need to reconsider seating arrangements, perhaps as our family grows or as we move to bigger or smaller homes. Many people have started switching to instances where bar stools are used. Bar stools are relatively convenient for small kitchens as many of these small kitchens that can't fit a dining room table in them result in having nooks that you use bar stools to sit at. Many dining rooms in restaurants are going to bar stools as well for the same purpose. That means that bar stools are now really fashionable and can be easily found in a huge variety of heights, styles and colors, and at an affordable price.

I remember being a kid and going to the old fashioned burger joints with my father. The one thing I remember doing is running straight towards the counter and sitting on the swivel bar stools. I used to think I was all that because I was sitting on bar stools. It's like that still today. The first place that kids go to are the bar stools because they like the superior feeling they have as they sit upon the throne as I used to refer to bar stools. Now, if only short adults who grumble about climbing up onto bar stools could recapture that feeling of power and excitement, they would enjoy bar stools again too!

As I get older though, I begin to wonder how good bar stools is for you. The traditional style of bar stools cut off the circulation in your legs. Bar stools tend to never really have backs so you hunch over and this is not good for posture at all. Old style bar stools are really of no support when you really start to think about it. There are many things that leave people who have health problems to despise those places that use bar stools. The great thing about this is, modern bar stools are often designed with foot rests and sort back rests. This eliminates both these problems as you can rest your feet with legs comfortably bent and you can support your lower back. That way, modern bar stools get round many of the old cons that could be held against them.

Bar stools are cheaper as well. You aren't paying for as much material because there isn't much material used to make a bar stool. This makes people who are opening up businesses or who want to furnish a kitchen at home cheaply really happy because bar stools fit into their budget. It just means that if you are going to have them at your tables you will need higher tables or countertops. This could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the people. Shorter people tend not to like bar stools as much because it is hard to get into them with their height and all. It just depends what your preference is because there are good things and bad things about using bar stools. You just have to go with what you think.

So, if this is an issue for you, take into count the people who will be potentially sitting on your bar stools if you buy them. If you are using these at home, they normally aren't a big deal. Yes, these things come up but with family they tend to not take into account the above arguments that are both for and against the use of bar stools. Some may not even have a choice for the only place they can put in someplace to hold meals is at a breakfast nook. So, there you have it. These are the pros and cons of bar stools.