Bar Stools

Furnishing Your Bar: Bar Stools

Having a mini-bar inside the house is one of the fancies of most of the house owners today. Most of the designs of the modern houses include a small entertainment room with a bar. But having your current house you can also enjoy having a small bar given that you still have even a little space for the bar and the bar stools. Designing your home bar starts with the selection of the bar stools. You can think of a theme for your bar according to the stools that you have.

Before thinking of the other components of your bar-the counter, glasses, and drinks, you first have to shop for the best bar stools for your home bar. Two to three stools are enough for a small bar for your home where you and your friends can sit, drink, and talk together. There are several things that you must consider when choosing the bar stools. The functionality of the stools must be given priority than the stools' aesthetic designs. The height of the stools is very important to consider. Your stools must have uniform heights and the height must be 11 to 12 inches lower than the counter table. Sitting at the stools with the right height against the counter is more relaxing especially when you place your hand on top of the table.

Sitting on high chairs or bar stools can be tiresome for your legs if the stool has no foot rail. The use of the high stools requires the use of foot rails where your feet can rest while you're sitting. But you can use the stools that have no foot rails if your bar has an attached foot rail in it. Having a place for your feet to rest makes sitting on a high chair or stool comfortable but it will be more comfortable if the stool has a backrest. The backs on the bar stools are very important especially if you are planning to sit longer on one of the said stools. The backless stools are used in the 50's style diner bars so if it will be your motif or theme then you can go to the backless stools.

In most bars the drinkers like to sit on a swiveling stool. The bar stools that swivel enable the user to turn back without stepping down from the chair. The non-swiveling stools especially those that have backs often cause quick wearing of the floor in front of the stool. This needs the use and regular change of the floor protector to have even colors of the floor.

After deciding on which type of bar stools that you will use you can start looking for the design of the stool that will fit your theme. If you found some antique bar stools then you can have a classic look on your bar. You can have a bar that looks like the bars from 1920's or 1930's. Your theme must depend on the available stools because finding the stools to suit an existing bar theme is more difficult even if there are assorted designs that you can choose from. It is wise to choose a bar stool that has detachable cushions for seats and backs. With these bar stools you can easily change the colors of the cushions from time to time.