Bar Stools

Buying Bar Stools

Do you have a new bar or kitchen island that you would like to be able to sit around? Bar stools are a popular addition to any room, and purchasing the right brand and model will give you years of enjoyment. The wrong kind of bar stools, however, will leave you with a broken product after just a few months of usage. Buying just the right type of bar stools may require a little more research than you originally thought, but with the simple tips included in this guide, you should be well on your way to having a great set of bar stools. Read on to find out what you should always do before shopping for bar stools.

Perhaps the most important factor in purchasing bar stools is the height of the seat. The wrong height will make sitting on the bar stools an awkward experience. The key is to find bar stools with seats that come up to within 9" or 13" of the table or bar surface. This should put most people at a convenient and natural height. Take a tape measurer and record the height of your table or bar surface. Write this measurement down before you go shopping for bar stools.

Measure across the length of the bar or table as well. This will allow you to determine how many bar stools can conveniently fit across the bar or table. Once you have these measurements, you should be ready to go shopping for bar stools. Finding bar stools that match your requirements should be easy enough, if you spend a little time looking around. Once you have found bar stools that will work height wise, it is time to decide what you are looking for in the product.

Will these bar stools see a lot of consistent usage? Or are they primarily decorative? This is an important factor to consider. If you intend on using the bar stools frequently, opt for a higher quality product. Bar stools that are made of metal with welded joints will last for several years. On the other hand, cheaper models that are held together by screws may be enough for decorativ purposes. The cheaper model bar stools will typically only last a couple of months if they are used frequently. The screws will begin to fall out, and the stool will wobble as it begins to lose stability.

Look for bar stools that will match the decor of the room. Bar stools come in a wide variety of styles, so this should not be a problem. You must also decide if you want swivel or stationary bar stools, and if you want the stools to have a back. Swivel bar stools are more dynamic, in that seated individuals can move about to follow the flow of the conversation. On the other hand, a high quality swivel stool is likely to cost more. Low quality swivel stools will not last very long if they are frequently used. To avoid frustration later on, go with higher quality bar stools that will remain firm and sturdy years into their usage.

Bar stools are a great addition to any environment, and they are produced with a variety of styles. Finding the right style for your room might take a little time, but it is definitely worth the time spent. It is important to go with a quality set of bar stools, if you want to have a comfortable and reliable experience.